Streamline Your SAP MaxDB Backups on Azure

In today's world, protecting your data is critical. If you are using SAP MaxDB on Azure, Azure Backup provides an easy and secure way to back up your data.

by Frank Wagner on 1/4/2024

Setting up database backups can be complex, but it doesn't have to be.

If you run your SAP workload on Azure then Azure Backup is the best option to backup your VMs and your SAP Content Servers, Live Cache and other SAP MaxDB based databases.

Enable this robust protection by integrating MaxBack (free download at ) to ensure your backups are as seamless as they are reliable.

With MaxBack, integration between SAP MaxDB and Azure Backup is intuitive - ensuring consistent data protection without requiring manual oversight from your IT team.

Advantages of using Azure Backup for your SAP MaxDB:

  • Increased reliability: Data loss due to localized disruptions or disasters is no longer a concern, thanks to the geographically diverse storage options provided by Azure.

  • On-demand scalability: As your business needs evolve, so can your backup strategy-all without up-front hardware investments or complex infrastructure expansions.

  • Reduced cost and complexity: Optimize your efforts while maintaining high performance standards with cloud storage that scales with the size of your business.

By combining MaxBack with Azure Backup, your organization will be able to meet the challenges of today's digital landscape.

Using Azure Backup for your SAP MaxDB not only allows you to leverage this essential combination, but also optimizes your resilience against future uncertainties.

  • Author:   Frank Wagner