SAP GUI 7.70 is delayed until December 2020

SAP has moved the release of SAP GUI 7.70 to December 2020. This also delays the very promising edge integration for SAP GUI.

by Frank Wagner on 7/27/2020

In SAP Note 147519 - Maintenance strategy / deadlines for SAP GUI for Windows / SAP GUI for Java SAP informs that SAP GUI 7.70 will not be released in September 2020 as originally planned, but in December.

The reason given are critical problems that prevent the delivery.  

Effects on new browser integration

This delay is very unfortunate, because SAP GUI 7.70 should finally offer a possibility to replace the browser integration of Internet Explorer with Edge.

As SAP lists in detail in the note 2913405 - SAP GUI for Windows: Dependencies of browser/browser Controls, it is currently not possible for many transactions to start another browser than Internet Explorer. This is mainly due to the fact that the old browser control (an embedded Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer started in its own window) made it possible to be logged on to the browser with the current user without a new password prompt (SSO with SAP tickets).

For SAPGUI 7.70, however, the - optional - support of Edge WebView2 is planned. But this is still in preview. So it remains to be seen if everything works as hoped.  

WebView2 will replace the old Internet Explorer control and allows to embed Edge directly into applications windows.

  • Author:   Frank Wagner